This gorgeous creature is a fine specimen of feline function.  Dweezil is a mouser machine and will clean up a rodent problem faster than you can say, “Is that smell coming from the litter box?”  In excellent health, this 5-year-old male neutered cat will make you feel like royalty.  In Medieval times, if you were Queen,* you could command, “bring me their head!”  Today, you are the Queen* of your apartment, so why not be treated as such with a slaughtered mammal offering left in the middle of your bed?  Dweezil’s previous owners were a male couple who also had a blue and yellow Macaw.  They say parrots will outlive their owners, but not if Dweezil can help it!  These gentlemen are happy to send Dweezil off with all his supplies and a 20lb bag of Science Diet.  Having a full veterinary check-up and shots in less than three months, Dweezil is good-to-go and ready to protect someone’s home from tiny four-legged intruders and things that fly.  Please reach out and help Dweezil help you have a safe home.  Interested parties:

*Dweezil is comfortable with all genders, sexual identities and orientations.

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