Adorable as a button, quite as a mouse and extremely private about her bowl movements, this female tabby got pushed onto a family by an unethical animal rescuer who was trying to unload some cats she had rounded up in a wooded area.  Odds are, cats found in such an area are feral, but the rescuer assured the Rodriguez family that Mittens was just shell-shocked from being abandoned.  As it turns out, Mittens is as feral as it gets and is not appropriate for a family with three young daughters who want to pet her, adore her and play “dress-up kitty.”  There’s someone for everyone and Mittens is perfect for a single person entrenched in emotional animal empathy to distract themselves from dealing with their interpersonal human relationships.  Though her age is unknown, Mittens looks young and could potentially provide up to 10 years of holding her owner’s rapt attention while they spend countless hours on their knees coaxing her to come out from under the couch to eat or inching their way close enough to get their hand sniffed.  If Mittens were a lesbian, she would never want to have sex.  Interested parties contact

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